Kévin Garambois


Digitial photo retoucher in Paris, I work remotely, or on spot in Paris area to retouch your visuals:

  •      High end skin retouch (portraits and fashion photography)
  •      Removal of imperfections of clothes ( imperfections cleaning, wrinkles removal, change of  colors…)
  •      Packshot and food retouch (cut out, change color, photomontage…)
  •      “.Raw” file processing and retouching

Locally in Paris : VHS transfer to computer, scanning of old photos, negatives, reversal films.

My activity as a freelancer:

After graduating from the French engineering school as an industrial engineer I worked abroad for 5 years (the Netherlands, Sweden, USA) on continuous improvement projects (Lean Manufacturing and Lean Warehousing) and later as a production plan manager.

Beeing keen on photography and as an experienced Photoshop user, I expanded my skills through personals projects (travel photo retouch, photo album creation, timelapse, shooting with models), as well as working with old family pictures as a hobby.

In 2017 I started my business as self-employed to offer my services  to individuals  throughout my website photokaio.com . Since the beginning of 2018 I have been working full time as a digital photo retoucher after moving to Paris area.

I regularly work for WetPaint Factory on retouching Chanel Eyewear collection. I also collaborate with photographers and designers and keep on offering my service to private clients who are in need of photos retouch.

To contact me please refer to the following information :

Kévin Garambois

French number : 0646644781

Whatsapp +33 646644781

Email : photokaio@gmail.com



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